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In our opinion, after our analysis of the complaints and evidence received utilizing cult expert Steven Hassan's B.I.T.E. model, we believe Uma Inder appears to be acting as a destructive cult leader. The B.I.T.E. model is comprised of four different categories of control:

I. Behavior Control

II. Information Control

III. Thought Control

IV. Emotional Control

This analysis model is based upon the work of Robert J. Lifton, Margaret Singer and other psychologists and cult experts, and is used by many professionals in the field to distinguish between destructive and benign cultic group characteristics.

According to this model of analysis, the documented allegations against Uma Inder appear to raise numerous red flags in all four categories across the board.

To see the full breakdown of our B.I.T.E. model analysis, please visit our website at:

As an example, some relevant quotes from a complaint we received:

“At this point Uma Inder and the group dogma she has created implicitly and explicitly dictates:

• What to wear
• What to eat
• Who to have conversations with
• Acceptable topics of conversation
• Who to have sex with and when
• What music, movies and internet media are acceptable for consumption
• And work routines, largely in service of Uma Inder and her personal projects

As Umaa Inder represents no tradition, these relations are entirely dependent upon Uma Inder’s discretion and subject to change at any time, heightening the anxiety of the members and their dependence on Umaa Inder to make increasingly basic decisions.”

"...members were strongly discouraged from speaking of these experiences to others, and increasingly pushed to signing non-disclosure agreements and waivers to shield Uma Inder from personal liability as her abuses continued and expanded. In addition, Umaa Inder’s chief follower, “protector” (per Umaa Inder), and self-proclaimed bodyguard has made frequent death threats to those he or Umaa Inder deems could ‘harm’ Umaa, such as by speaking out against her abuses. For example, one escaping cult member was threatened with decapitation for studying with another spiritual teacher. Another escaping cult member was threatened with “danger” should he return to Bali, for calling the group a cult.”

"Umaa Inder threatened that those who broke off the ‘process’ halfway would suffer spiritual death (as a leaving cult member was choosing to be away from God), sexual dysfunction, emotional displacement, and an inability to find community. Umaa Inder has also implicitly threatened to publicize highly personal and painful confessional material that she extracted from her followers in the group internet message board should anyone speak out against her.”


If you have any relevant information to share, either positive or negative, about Uma Inder please contact us at:

‘Part Four’ of our Uma Inder expose coming soon...


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

THE UMA INDER EXPOSE – PART 2: Recruitment, Indoctrination and Practices

Please Note: The purpose of this expose is not to slander, libel or harm Uma Inder in any way; it is to bring awareness, to educate the public and to potentially change her allegedly damaging practices so that no one might be hurt in the future. We of course encourage all opposing views and welcome all new information / evidence at any time. We only wish that Uma Inder would speak with us directly instead of having us communicate with her lawyers.


As per the documented allegations received, we believe Uma Inder may have abused her position of employment at Yoga Barn (one of the most famous Yoga studios in the world), and at other locations as well to manipulate and exploit vulnerable students.

An ex-student stated the following to give a brief overview of Umaa’s alleged methodology:

“Uma Inder first establishes herself as a spiritual authority through her purported mastery of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Tantra.” As per the allegations, “Through the Yoga Barn in Bali, Uma gave consultations, which give her insight into the psychological weaknesses of her ‘patients.’ Patients then become students at Uma’s yoga classes, and are simultaneously encouraged to and ‘warned’ about joining Uma’s ‘inner circle’ by long-term members. Members of this circle communicate on closed online forums—often eight or more hours a day—their inner thoughts, feelings, and ‘impurities’ to be ‘cleared’ or ‘emptied.’ Once in the group, as Uma said, ‘there is no separate world of thinking or feeling’ - everything was the property of the group, and hence, of Uma.”

Other alleged victims add to this summary the following allegations:

1) “As cult members become more deeply committed, she systematically increases the implicit and explicit requirements to ‘being with her’ to her direct benefit, including free labor, monthly dakshina, implicitly compulsory attendance of her classes at Yoga Barn, and hundreds of hours on her internet forum—all leading toward the possibility of “lockdown” in “inner sanctum.”

2) “Uma Inder systematically broke apart couples, calling relationships outside the cult “based on FalseID,” or other forms of untruth. The less-committed member of the couple would typically be driven out of the cult.”

3) “Uma Inder demands that students ‘quote the Source,’ referring to herself, yet rarely discusses the authorities she pulls from unless it justifies her position of authority. In our view she is wholesale plagiarizing the teachings of others for spiritual fraud and manipulation.”

4) “As followers became more embedded in the group, Umaa Inder’s supposedly finite “process” of 12 years became 24 years, then 48 years, and finally an eternity of “absolute love and devotion” to Umaa Inder. This systematic changing of her sales pitch is hidden from new recruits.”

5) “Uma Inder demands that her followers take “self responsibility” for all consequences in order to avoid personal responsibility or liability for her actions, even as she has admitted to manipulating followers’ minds.”

6) “Cult members are required to divulge every thought, including dreams. Failure to do so is punished. Thus exposed, cult members are more easily controlled.”

7) “Uma Inder demands that her followers sign a waiver and an NDA that fundamentally and extensively misrepresent her activities, for example, by claiming an association with the ‘kundalini awakening process,’ when she is actually practicing classic mind control.”

8) “Language is heavily loaded with insider phrases and terminology, and Uma Inder is a master of the thought-terminating cliché - key parts of mind control.”

9) “Umaa Inder limits the information cult members are exposed to, controlling their consumption of media and requiring that members spend virtually all their free time on her internet forum.”

10) “Private conversations are not allowed. To do so is called “sidelining”, and discovery of private conversations is also met with punishment. Even eye contact with members or non-members outside of the presence of Umaa is also shamed as ‘sidelining,’ and ‘playing with Umaa’s fire.’”

11) “Uma Inder encourages cult members to verbally and sometimes physically abuse each other in the name of spiritual practice, calling it ‘transparency,’ ‘dissection,’ or ‘breaking it all down.’ The goal and result is classic cult mind control—breaking down the psyches of her followers with various forms of abuse, generating a sense of self-loathing in followers before creating traumatic attachments to Uma Inder, the group and its teachings.”

12) “Followers were instructed to “serve their [ego] deaths by serving Uma Inder,” and “die into truth,” through service to Umaa. The reward, which Uma Inder kept continually just beyond reach (because she can’t actually offer it), would be acceptance as a disciple, mastery over the kundalini, union with the forces of nature, and implied enlightenment.”

To read more, please visit our website to read our expose:

According to these statements, in our opinion, it appears that by slowly bringing vulnerable students into her group in a way that gradually increases the thought reform, commitment, responsibilities and demands placed upon followers, we believe Umaa Inder may be able to eventually transform students into devoted followers. Her methodical indoctrination process seems to incorporate many classic cult thought reform techniques according to the B.I.T.E. model, including ‘group think’, ‘thought stopping’, deception, psychological and identity breakdown, phobia indoctrination and more.

If you have any relevant information to share, either positive or negative, about Uma Inder please contact us at:…/contact.html

‘Part Three’ of our Uma Inder expose coming tomorrow...


Monday, October 30, 2017


Our non-profit organization received numerous complaints about the yogi guru known as Uma Inder (a.k.a Umaa) located in Ubud, Bali. Ex-students of Inder’s contacted our office with very serious allegations, claiming that she manipulates, exploits and abuses students in various ways.

We would like to state that the purpose of this expose is not to slander, libel or harm Uma Inder in any way; it is to bring awareness, to educate and to potentially change her allegedly damaging practices. (Please note: our efforts to communicate with Uma Inder to verify the allegations against her were rejected by her and her legal team. Moreover, FACT was threatened by her lawyers with legal action if we decided to run this expose.)

The expose sections are as follows:

1) Exploitation and Abuse Claims
2) Recruitment, Indoctrination, and Practices
3) Analysis Of The Allegations According To The B.I.T.E. Model
4) Known Affiliations
5) Conclusion

Today we begin with Part One of our expose, concerning the claims made by students against Uma Inder for exploitation and abuse. According to our opinion and belief upon analyzing the complaints, we believe Umaa Inder’s traumatic teachings and influence may have led to the exploitation and abuse of her students. 

The allegations against Uma also claim that she caused various physical, mental and emotional issues in her students, such as PTSD, depression, chronic anxiety, self-loathing, severe weight loss, speech impediments, loss of critical thinking skills, severe mental breakdowns and even suicidal tendencies.

Some quotes from the complaints we received:

1) “I had frequent anxiety attacks and suicidal impulses, with frequent horrific, vivid visions of self-harming that felt like the better alternative to continuing ‘the process’ with Uma Inder.”
2) “Like many who have suffered under Uma’s physically and emotionally violent ‘teachings,’ I have experienced symptoms of PTSD for years after exposure to Uma and her abusive cult followers. I too physically and emotionally abused others while I was in the cult, and afterwards, bore sufficient stress in my body that I suffered severe physical, mental, and emotional consequences.”

Moreover, ex-students claim to have been victims of, and/or witnessed, physical attacks and emotional abuse by Uma Inder and by her devoted long-time followers, sanctioned, as one ex-student put it, under the guise of “transparency” to foster intellectual and spiritual development. Below are some of those allegations:

1) “Uma Inder at least twice physically assaulted students on her private SATYA retreat immersion, kicking one girl for failing to address her and tackling and clawing another to the floor.”
2) “Emotional and physical outbursts are sanctioned because they are ‘real,’ and this creates aggression and tension which stifle students’ capacity for critical thinking, while instilling Uma as the center of students’ worlds.”
3) “Inder has spat at students and watched and encouraged as students assaulted one another in retreat immersion settings, systematically encouraging violent and abusive behavior among cult members.”
4) “Uma has assaulted her students who failed to submit fully to her will, both in closed retreat sessions and in numerous personal encounters.” As per the allegations, “She implicitly outsources most of the threat of violence to devoted, long-term students, one of whom has threatened physical violence and murder against students who would ‘harm Uma in any way.”

As stated in the above quote, ex-students also claim to have been threatened for their lives by her ‘bodyguard’ at the behest of Umaa, in an attempt to control and silence potentially outspoken followers and past group members. Some of the supporting allegations are as follows:

1) “We have received death threats for opposing Uma Inder, and we believe we are risking our lives by speaking out.”
2) “I desperately want more information out there about Uma and the group dynamic around her but am very scared for my identity being revealed, especially as I had death threats.”
3) “We have emails by her most brainwashed follower, agent, slave, and sexual abusee in which he makes the death threats…”
4) “Uma Inder described him as a ‘trained killer.’ He threatened to kill me once, and I also saw him threaten to “disintegrate the human form” of another woman, “chop off [the] head” of another, and numerous other threats to kill people in our group.”

In addition, ex-students claim to have been exploited by Uma Inder, compelled to devote their time and money strictly for Umaa’s benefit, under the guise of it being “all for [them].” These ex-members state, for example, that they worked to organize yoga retreats, take care of her property, and run her herbal company called ‘Aranya’, all for no compensation of any kind in return except for “spending time with [Umaa Inder]” and under the threat of mental and emotional violence if they did not comply in order to stay connected to the group.

To read more about these allegations, please visit our website:

If you have any relevant information to share, either positive or negative, please contact us at:

‘Part Two’ of our Uma Inder expose is posting tomorrow, so stay tuned...

Monday, September 11, 2017


Location: 50214 Triple Seven Road; Sterling, VA 20165
Leader(s): Star Robert Scott, Ronnie Zarou, Jeff Heglund, Les Stone

We are looking into numerous complaints which allege the following:

"...many current & former members are being investigated for various aspects of child abuse, including beatings & sexual abuse, the lead pastor sexually molested members of his own family, his wife of 30+ years wasn't buried two weeks and he was married again to a 19 year old virgin, there are members of the church that are convicted pedophiles..."

"I witnessed families pitted against one another, putting under aged children out of the homes and into the streets. The child sexual abuse allegations came out after I left."

"This is a highly abusive, controlling, authoritarian church. It is bible based but manipulates and deceives using scripture."

"Emotional abuse, threatenings of losing your family, isolation abuse, manipulation and mind games, allegations of molestation of children both girls and boys, mandatory breakups of families. Coverup of pastoral misdeeds and allegations of hidden illegal activity by the pastors."

"We are pretty traumatized, and only just are starting to get more public about what happened. Thanks mainly to all the other brave people who are speaking up, sharing what they know, and validating our experience."

Please remember at this point these are only allegations. If you have any information and/or experience with this church, either positive or negative, please contact us.

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FACT Closed for Hurricane Irma

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We will be closed starting tomorrow in preparation for Hurricane Irma and will notify everyone as soon as we reopen. We hope all those affected by the storm make it through safely and without issue.

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Born into the Workers’ Institute of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought — a strange, secretive “collective” that sprang up in south London in the Seventies — Katy was a human experiment, a model citizen being prepared by her cult-leader father for the moment he took over the world.

Katy told me she was made to keep diaries. Sian would dictate what she had to say. They are chilling documents, recording in detail her daily existence: every bowl of Rice Krispies she ate is written down, as is every beating, which she was forced to explain...

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